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Adsense Vs Clickbank


adsense-vs-clickbankWhen it comes to internet marketing and making money online Google’s pay per click ad system called Adsense and and Clickbank an affiliate marketers place to sell products online are big players.

You can see faster and larger profits with Clickbank since the products pushed and sold depend on you, and commissions vary according to each product. In Adsense you need to have a special amount of hits on your site to get approved, in some countries like India or Pakistan it takes 6 months to be approved, and the pay per click add depends on the advertiser. If you are looking for a passive income Google Adsense may be your answer but you need to have lots of daily visitors to your site to make it worth your while. If an online type business is what you are seeking then selling Clickbank products is your way to go this is not a passive income type deal since you are going to be pushing and selling products to make money.

With an email list of 1,000 people which is not that hard to obtain, and a conversion rate of lets say 5 percent which equals to 50 people buying your product for a product which earns you 30 dollars in affiliate commission you earn 1,500 dollars. A good landing page to collect the emails and a good email campaign is very easy to do and you you can start making money once your email subscribers start opting in.

Google Adsense
It is not a great way to monetize your site if you own a starting website because you will realistically be only earning about 200-300 dollars a month and that is with your site having a monthly viewer base of about 1,000-3,000 views. To earn lots of money with Adsense you need to have a webpage with a couple thousand to a million or more monthly views, those kinds of views will get you great monetary benefits with Adsense to make it worth your while.

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  • Md. Shamim Sheik

    Both are good for some extra income but I prefer adsense which much better then other ways of online income.

  • Bhakkiya Laskshmi

    i like adsense first than clickbank

  • Jubel Ahmad

    Adsense is famous and popular than clickbank !!!!

  • neethu k.m

    it’s very interesting way to make money

  • mapache

    The Clickbank sound really interenting.

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