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Why Viral Marketing is effective in 2013?

It’s nice to know that “Robert Kiyosaki” , author of the best-selling book, Rich dad poor dad advised people who want to invest in long-term , to join a viral marketing networks.

Viral_marketing_principles_size485Viral Marketing uses an existing networking to increase awareness of a particular brand, by self- replication of viral processes.

Viral marketing in 2013 is very effective to reach many people in a short time.
The term “viral marketing” refers to a phenomenon in which people pass around and share interesting and entertaining content. When the process is actually funded by the brand is looking to position itself. Viral commercials are usually funny video clips, or interactive Flash games, images or text.

The goal of the video or image is to create something that would make a comment – real response, and in doing so deliver the message. This is the viral content.

Viral video became primarily a platform for marketing and marketing and of course a significant enormous benefits. Viral marketing is a popular marketing method because of the ease with which one can carry out a campaign, low cost, minimal editing, precise segmentation and rapid response from the audience. Power of viral advertising is its ability to reach large amount of viewers on the network at relatively low cost.

The most difficult task of any company is to acquire and maintain a large consumer base. Through the use of the Internet and the effect of advertising e – mail, efforts in B2C (business customers ) have a greater impact than other marketing tools . Viral encourages users to a particular product to tell their friends, this positive testimonial from someone passing close to rely on the opinion and motives.

Viral Marketing in 2013, a viral message is displayed as information / activities / news without a clear requirement to pass it on. This type of advertising is difficult at first to see that there is some kind of marketing. Effort was put to discovery of the item will look spontaneous, informal and encourage behavior like – naturally.

Last Update: 11th September 2013

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