Saturday , 6 December 2014

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Boost Your Website Traffic With Growth Hacking

Growth Hacking

So What is Growth Hacking? Most people define Growth Hacking as Viral Marketing. I have read alot about the subject and I think viral marketing is just a part of Growth Hacking. Growth Hackers are good at using techniques such as SEO, website analytics, content marketing and split testing. This type of marketing focus on startups. Because its a free technique and pratically no ... Read More »

Should People Be Scared of Panda 4.0?

Panda 4.0

For those who doesn’t know, Panda was launched in February 2011. The target was to lower the rank of “low quality” and “thin sites” and return high quality sites near to the top. The Panda update also affect sites with a large amount of advertising. This changes affected around 12% of the sites over the internet. From the time it ... Read More »

Mochi Media Have Been Closed

mochimedia closed

One of my sources of income was from an arcade website and I used MochiMedia Ads to monetize it. They paid me from ads that appear when the games were loading. Today I went to the site to see my current statistics and earnings and I found out the site was gone. I was shocked. I was making around $600 ... Read More »

Coming Soon; The End Of Backlinks


In the video below Matt Cutts talk about how important backlinks are. He stated that they are trying not to depend on them anymore. He said that backlinks have many years left but there will be a time when backlinks won’t be important anymore. I personally believe that there will be a time when backlinks won’t be important anymore. We ... Read More »

Do Not Mistake; Stop Trying To Make Money Online

Make Money Onine

Everyone wants to make money online, and I bet many of you have invest a lot of money on it. I’ve been working online for almost 15 years now; I always ask myself why I cannot be like the big guys?. I finally found an answer to my question and I can assure that 90% of the people are doing ... Read More »

How Can Small Sites Become Popular?

Top 10 Search Engines

Rating: Matt Cutts talked about how small sites become popular. In the video below Matt ratified that content is the most important factor when ranking on the top of Google, and he mentioned that the site which has constant updates and interactions are more likely to be ranked on a higher positions. He stated about Facebook and Twitter as an ... Read More »

Top 5 Online Micro jobs Websites

Micro Jobs Websites

One of the most popular ways to earn money online is by doing micro jobs. This method is fast and easy to do. Those jobs include, tweeting, Facebook likes, blog comments, and many more. Micro jobs is also called micro-freelancing, small online jobs, micro tasks, online gigs, and they are a great way to make money doing small and quick tasks. ... Read More »

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