Wednesday , 23 April 2014

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Top 5 Online Micro jobs Websites

Micro Jobs Websites

One of the most popular ways to earn money online is by doing micro jobs. This method is fast and easy to do. Those jobs includes, tweeting, facebook likes, blog comments, and many more. Micro jobs is also called micro-freelancing, small online jobs, micro tasks, online gigs, and they are a great way to make money doing small and quick tasks. ... Read More »

Google Adwords Goes Not Provided

Adwords Not Provided

Google has confirmed rumors that their paid advertising service Adwords will adopt a similar strategy to referrer data as they have for organic search. This means that advertisers will no longer be able to view specific keyword data by referrer on ad click data. However, it will still be possible to see which keywords have been used to drive traffic ... Read More »

3 New SEO Mistakes in 2014

3 Link building Mistakes

Rating: Is not a secret that Google use backlinks as a way to determine how websites should rank on the web. Google alogarithm is constantly updating and the more updates it makes the harder is to build links that help your website rank on the top 10 positions. That’s why I am writing  3  mistakes that webmasters doesn’t know they ... Read More »

5 Best Sites to Make Money Online

5 Best Websites to Make Money Online

Rating: The $1 million dollar question. How to make money online? This is the answer everyone is looking for. I don’t have that answer and I can bet that nobody has an answer for you. There is no such formula to make money online. The only formula is the one you create with experience and dedication. Here I am giving ... Read More »

Top 9 Most Expensive Domain Names

most expensive domain names

Rating: This is a list of the top 9 most expensive domain names. 1. The most expensive sale ever. It was bought by Brian Sharples the founder of HomeAway, and the only reason he bought the domain was to stop Expedia from getting it. He paid $35 million dollars. The domain was bought in 2007 and the price paid was ... Read More »

Matt Cutts: Backlinks from Articles Doesn’t Work Anymore


Rating: The head of Google search spam Matt Cutts, have published a video where he advise webmasters to not build links from article directories. The reason is because article directories are not valuable anymore to the eye of #Google. Even if it’s a relevant article or a popular directory.  He encourage webmasters not to to upload articles to those sites. ... Read More »

Selling Your Product By Jordan Belfort


Rating: You may heard about the new film “The Wolf of Wall Street” which is based on the true story of Jordan Belfort  a former stockbroker who made millions of dollars in just days by persuading people to invest in penny stocks. By that time his ambitions for making money made him to do illicit businesses in the stock market which took ... Read More »

What will happen if Google remove Backlinks from It’s Ranking Factor?


Rating: We’ve all heard it, the statements that backlinks are the leading case for spam and false results through search engines, it’s true back links do at times lead to spam back links have found themselves an unusual hero in the search giants like Google.  Though Google has admitted to at times experimenting with their search feature without utilizing Google ... Read More »

Google Webmaster Tools not updating since 2/6/2014


As many have notice the Google Webmaster Tool has stopped working from 6th of February. At first I though it was a backend problem in Google but one of my sources told me I was wrong and that Google is about to make some changes in its alogarithm. I also was informed that the company has strictly started to penalize ... Read More »

Can You Really Make Money From Dropshipping?


The Internet has opened up lots of novel ways to make money, whether you’re looking for a full-time living or just trying to earn a little extra cash. One of these is a practice called “dropshipping.” In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the good and bad aspects of dropshipping online; first of all, we need to ... Read More »

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